The Importance of Mahjong Etiquettes in Indonesia

by Eric Laila

The game of Mahjong is a very popular form of entertainment in Indonesia. The game consists of two decks, one with 144 tiles and the other with 136 tiles, which make up different layouts on the table surface. This blog post will introduce ten etiquette rules for playing mahjong in Indonesia that you should follow when playing the game.

Different rules you should follow while playing Mahjong in Indonesia:

  1. It is considered impolite to keep your hand above the board for more than a few seconds. You should always be moving tiles around, even if it means just picking one up and putting it down. It would also be rude to rearrange tiles in an opponent’s pile while they are looking away or not paying attention.
  1. Do not try and make your opponent discard from the pile by laying down tiles that they cannot match up within their hand. If you are playing with an experienced player, then this might be worth a gamble – but if it’s someone who is new at the game or just wants to have fun, it would be better for them if you played more courteously.
  1. Do not keep tiles on your hand when you have made a move. However, if you are not sure about what the next best move may be, and if it’s too difficult for you to pick up all of them at once with one sweep, then holding onto only a few before deciding which tile will help out in that situation would be acceptable.
  1. Do not talk about anything other than the game while playing Mahjong, including conversations that are unrelated to play or that include topics such as politics and religion.

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