Rules related to Football

by Eric Laila
  • A match of แทงบอลออนไลน์ comprises two 45-minute halves separated by a 15-minute break time.
  • A match requires a minimum of 7 players and each side must have at least 11 players (including one goalie who is the only player permitted to handle the ball within the 18-yard box).
  • Artificial or natural grass must be used on the pitch. Pitch sizes might vary, but they must be between 100 and 130 yards long and 50 to 100 yards broad. A rectangle form around the edge of the pitch must be designated with out of bounds, two six-yard boxes, two 18-yard boxes, and a center circle.A penalty area 12 yards distant from both the goals and the center circle must also be visible.
  • The ball must be round in form and have a circumference of 58-61cm.
  • Each side has the option of naming up to seven substitute players. Substitutes can be made at any point throughout the game, with each team having a maximum of three substitutions. If all three substitutes are used and a player is forced to leave the field due to injury, the team will be forced to play without a replacement.
  • One referee and two assistant referees are required for each game (linesmen). The referee’s role is to maintain track of time and make any necessary judgments, such as fouls, free kicks, throw-ins, penalties, and additional time after each half. At any point throughout the match, the referee may confer with the assistant referees about a decision. The assistant referee’s role is to identify offsides during the game (see below), throw INS for either team or help the referee in all decision-making procedures.
  • If teams continue to equal after extra time, a penalty shooting needs to be carried out.
  • The complete ball must pass through the goal to be a goal.
  • For the wrong players a yellow or red card might be issued depending on the gravity; this is at the discretion of the arbitrator. The yellow one is a warning, while a red one represents the player’s rejection. One red is two yellow cards. The players cannot be replaced after a player has been sent away.
  • If a ball leaves a player on either sideline, it is given as a throw-in. If a player on the baseline is out of play it is a goal kick. It is a corner kick when it comes out of a defensive player.

If an offensive player is playing in front of the final defense, the offside may be named. The offset region is meant to prevent players from lingering around the opponent’s target and waiting for a pass. In the case of a ball, they have to be put behind the final defender.If the striker is in front of the final opponent, he is judged to be outside, and a free kick is awarded to the other squad. In their area, a person cannot be ruled offside. The goalie does not rank as a protector.

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