The absolute worst hands in poker!

by Eric Laila

It’s a fair assumption that most people who play poker will have different ways to make the game go their way. However, one thing that newbie players can fall into is to simply chase the big wins or the best hands. As it happens, many players find themselves with bad starting hands and just don’t know what to do with them!

There are some hands that really can leave you stumped and ready to fold. They can pop up anytime, anywhere – you could be playing Texas Hold’em at the best NJ online casino (such as Resorts Casino), and still find yourself having to make the most of a tricky situation. In this article, we look at a few bad hands, and how you could work them to your advantage.

2-7s and 2-8s offsuit

There are bad hands, and then there are 2-7s and 2-8s. Draw either of these offsuit and you’re pretty much scuppered. There are arguments that you could double up on the 7s or 2s and make bank along the way, but these are hands that really tie you to the fold.

The best way to get out of these binds is to hope that the flop in play matches up. 2-8s are slightly more manageable than 2-7s. However, you’re really banking a lot of money on slim odds. Trust us, you might want to sit this one out.

6-2s offsuit

Okay, if you get a 6-2 offsuit, you are in a slightly better position than the poor soul who has a 2-7. That’s mainly because you might be in a position to make a straight.

However, again, you are banking on some pretty miraculous events in the center of the table. The odds are that you are going to be much better off folding this pass and saving your money. If the flop does go your way, however, the maverick in you will be pleased to know that you have more chances of winning here than with the dreaded 2-7.

3-2s offsuit

The 2-7 really gets a bad reputation, especially when you consider the sheer lack of potential in the 3-2 offsuit. The advantage that this hand has over the 2-7 is the fact that you can potentially make a straight. That, however, is absolutely it. Many poker players will tell you that this hand, in fact, is the absolute nadir.

The 3-2 offsuit is a bit of a pathetic hand, more so than the others we’ve listed, for a very simple reason – it comprises the two lowest numbers in the game. If you’re unlucky enough to draw these at the start and they are clashing suits,your best shot is maybe getting a straight – and even then, it’s not going to be difficult to beat.

Therefore, the odds are very much against you here. Do you go full maverick and risk it all on a potentially tiny chance of winning? Or do you save your money for the next pass? We know which choice we’d take.

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