How You Can Win At Blackjack Without Counting Cards

by Eric Laila

Despite whatever you decide and often hear on the contrary, winning big and consistently at blackjack isn’t all lower for your capability to count cards. Yes card counting does provide the player a benefit within the house but it’s and not the be all and finish all so far as winning at blackjack is worried. It’s certainly easy to win at blackjack without counting cards.

Not everybody is eliminate to become a card counter, it’s very grueling to understand and requires a great memory and mathematical skill. For this reason I’ll give out a blackjack method which requires no card counting whatsoever, only a grasp of fundamental strategy, persistence along with a awesome mind. I’ll let you know some approaches to improve your blackjack winnings:

1. Don’t opt for your “gut feeling” – Casinos like it when players do that, making simple errors simply because they believe a divine power is guiding them. Have this notion from your mind right now, the casino’s make a lot money at blackjack despite the fact that their edge is really small simply because they make use of a strategy making this also what you have to do.

2. Possess a plan and stay with it – For those who have a 15 or 16 etc against a dealers 10 you have to hit! He’s the benefit don’t go breaking step one by choosing your “gut feeling”. Your plan’s your friend sticking with in means don’t make irrational and potentially pricey moves.

My favorite advice for you is learn blackjack fundamental strategy and make certain you stick to it and you’ll end up in enough profit without getting to count just one card!

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